DJ, singer & performer, DJ Ash has played some of the most elite and epic events around the globe, performing with a wide range of legends from Snoop to Garth Brooks and Enrique to Justin Timberlake. Her musical mastery is endless. Bad Ash has been featured on several tv shows, radio stations, had residencies throughout LA & Vegas, DJ'ed some of the biggest music festivals worldwide and headlined many, many celebrity-branded events. Bad Ash customizes every performance to tailor fit each event. There's not a genre she doesn't play, turning every occasion into a musical work of art.

Ash (aka Ashlee Williss) is not only recognized as a talented DJ but also an accomplished singer-songwriter, she has sang with some of the biggest names in the biz at world-renowned events like The Grammy's, The Country Music Awards, American Music Awards & Sundance Film Festival to name a few. Bad Ash also fronts an interactive rock-n-roll, dance band called Concrete Kiss, guaranteed to blow your mind!